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FTP server problems addressed

FTP server problems addressed

A white paper from Pro2col tackles 'Common FTP server problems and how they are addressed when using the StingRay file transfer server'. This paper discusses issues relating to the use of traditional FTP solutions in a business environment. These issues are then compared to the FTP functionality offered by Hermstedt StingRay, a multi-protocol managed file transfer solution.

The white paper acknowledges the widespread use of traditional FTP solutions despite the downfalls associated with this file transfer protocol such as lack of security and automation. Hermstedt StingRay's enhanced FTP features address the problems faced when using traditional FTP solutions, allowing organisations to use their preferred file transfer protocol without compromising business processes and productivity.

Pro2col managing director James Lewis said: "StingRay takes standard FTP and provides users with enhanced features such as automation, notification and auditing in the same way as other managed file transfer solutions do. FTP will have its place in enterprise file transfer for some time to come and StingRay aims to make it easier for IT Administrators to deploy and manage.


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