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Autosigns in safe hands

Autosigns in safe hands

Autosigns, well known for its point-of-sale (POS) products for the automotive market, has been brought by former employee Steve Ball two months after it went into administration. Ball, who is also managing director of Leicestershire-based POS design and manufacturing services company Proaction i-d, has bought the Autosigns name and assets. Having joined Autosigns as an apprentice in 1987, Ball has already re-employed some of the key members of the staff who were responsible for its former success.
After its launch in 1966, Autosigns grew to become one of the largest suppliers of POS material to the motor industry, contracted by most of the major car manufacturers to produce signs for used car sales during the 1980s and 1990s. But the recession-induced demise of the motoring industry over the last two years saw Autosigns suffer severe reductions in turnover, and the company went into administration with the loss of 29 jobs in February this year.
"Autosigns developed a reputation for good quality products and great service during its 40 years of service in the motor industry and this is a great opportunity to get this successful and long-running company back on-track," said Ball. "The new management will continue to follow all the traditional Autosigns brand values and we will re-build the company from its roots in order to maintain the company's position as market leader within the industry."

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