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Double-sided Jupiter launches

Double-sided Jupiter launches

D&K Europe is bringing out a double-sided Jupiter laminator. It will be launched at the Grafi+Sign show in Belgium in October and is based on the 30m/min single-sided Jupiter introduced at DPW in October 2006 to fill the gap between the Semi-Automatic B2 Pegasus and the compact B1 Proteus.
The new model will have a bottom pre-heat and heated nip, as well as a bottom unwind. The control panel has been re-configured as the machine lay-out has been changed to make provision for the bottom unwind, but the design of the unit and workings of the controls will be familiar to those who have seen  the Jupiter before.
The new machine will run at about 20m/min double-sided (still at 30m/min single-sided) and the electrically controlled heated bottom rollers takes very little time to cool down sufficiently to switch to one-sided work.
The double-sided Jupiter will be able to use the stacker option launched earlier this year.

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