Thu, Jul

EFI takes orders as it shows off new products

At Fespa 2015 EFI announced a number of orders as well as new kit additions. Amongst the new orders is online PSP Flyeralarm, which is taking a fully automated EFI Vutek HS100 Pro high speed press, and German company Wissinger, which has bought a fourth Vutek printer, its second Vutek GS5000r.

At the show EFI made various introductions, including the Vutek HSr press, its fastest production-class roll-to-roll product. Other newcomers were Vutek Go, an Android-based monitoring application for the high-end Vutek HS Pro series, and SuperRange Ink, plus various machine updates.

With the Vutek HSr press, EFI is offering a LED/UV pin and cure 3.2 m high-speed roll-to-roll printer that targets the replacement of older solvent printers for the high-volume production of vehicle wraps, lorry sides, banners, posters etc. It has six colours plus white ink with multi-layer print capability. It features EFI 3M SuperFlex HSr Ink and backs graphics with the 3M MCS Warranty.

At Fespa 2015 EFI also demonstrated Vutek Go, which monitors print queues, status of ink levels, lamp settings and lamp life etc. in real time and provides user notifications.

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