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New report on novel print applications

New report on novel print applications

A new study called 'Novel Applications for Printing Technologies' will set you back ?2,950 but for that you will get access to primary research and an in-depth look at novel printing methods and potential markets over the next 10 - 15 years according to its producer Pira International.
This report forecasts global markets for the latest technologies, including printed textiles, 3D visualisation and printing, printed electronics, biomedical applications, food printing and nano-printing. Hundreds of novel applications were identified, screened and assessed, and the top 32 were selected and profiled in this report which concludes that the pace of technological change will make the market very different from today, with print products commonly incorporating electronics or biomedical functions along with text and images. Print will be much broader than now and there will be major opportunities for printers and suppliers of printing equipment and consumables, but not in the usual places!


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