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BAPC introduces money saving schemes

BAPC introduces money saving schemes

The BAPC has sourced an energy management company called Focus Assured to help you save money on your energy bills. "We're always looking to help members save money and energy costs are a major outgoing," said association chairman Sidney Bobb. "There are many energy management companies out there but a lot of them charge the client a fee. The one we've found has integrity and doesn't."
Focus is an independent company and as such searches the market for the most competitive energy process. It will analyse your needs and recommend changes where appropriate. The company will even liaise with energy companies and do all the paperwork. Go to www.focusgroupuk.com.

The BAPC has also launched a scheme to help print companies recoup money from overpaid business rates. The association has brought in an expert agency, which for a flat fee of ?395, will handle any appeal for a rebate and an ongoing reduction in business rates.

"The problem goes back to 2005 when current business rates were set, based on property values in 2003. As we all know, property prices have fallen since then but rateable values are still assessed on those old figures," said BAPC chairman Sidney Bobb. "The good news is that if you believe your business rate is too high you can appeal for a rates rebate and a reduction, but many print companies find this time consuming and costly. That's why we've come up with this scheme which we believe will help printers recoup thousands of pounds."

The service has been introduced at a critical time as any appeal against the 2005 rateable values must be lodged before the next round of valuations in 2010.

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