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Three-click Web ordering from TimeHarvest

Three-click Web ordering from TimeHarvest

TimeHarvest has released Web-to-Print Instant!, an on-line system designed to enable customers to order print jobs in just three clicks.
Managing director Geoff Stephens said: "We've been studying how Web-to-print is actually used in practice and learned that whilst there is a steady demand from professional marketeers to use fully-fledged systems, these normally require a degree of technical competence and a "digital" mindset. We've seen that underlying this is a substantial number of busy people with modest technical ability who just want to order what they need then get straight back to their main job. For this group, print ordering is often just an irritation that gets in the way of completing their primary tasks and objectives.

It is for this market that TimeHarvest has developed Web-to-print Instant!, allowing end clients to easily browse to the relevant job (by icon and description); get an immediate on-line price for a required quantity; then place an order in just three clicks (submission of new or amended artwork requires just two more clicks).

For existing users of TimeHarvest's DigiQuote-Pro hosted quoting system, the system costs under ?3,000 to buy or ?145 per month to rent -plus a nominal monthly hosting fee, but with no transaction or click charges.


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