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It's a wrap for Mutoh

It's a wrap for Mutoh?

Participants at the First European Wrap Star Contest will be working with prints produced on a Mutoh Blizzard printer.?

During a three days' competition at Viscom Germany 2009 in D?sseldorf (1- 3 October), car wrappers will compete for the title of first 'European Wrap Star'. ?Four identical Hummer vehicles will be wrapped live at a special area in Hall 8a. The participants will be wrapping the Hummer vehicles during a three-rounds elimination race to reach the final on Saturday 3 October, where the four best will finally face each other to compete for the title.?

All the prints for this contest - in total more than 1000 m? - were produced by D?sseldorf print-for-pay company Creativ Connection on its Mutoh Blizzard printer. The wrap prints were produced on 3M's IJ380 digital printing vinyl and laminated with 3M 8580 laminating film.

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