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Hexis car vinyls cast a shimmer

Hexis car vinyls cast a shimmer

Hexis has previewed various cast vinyls for car wrapping applications, including two variochrome versions of the new HX30000.

The two shade shift colours, a mother-of-pearl white and an iridescent purple, are cast vinyl films with colour variable pigments carrying a solvent-based adhesive and a structured PE liner with Hex'Press technology that allows air egress during application. The standard roll size is 30m long and 1370mm (54in) wide. 1600mm (63in) rolls will be available later.

Also new is the HX30000 Carbon, a multi-layered 135?m cast vinyl film with a carbon fibre embossed pattern.?

Swatch books and catalogues are available directly from Hexis or from local distributors.


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