Sat, Aug

Leach updates gallery ideas

Leach Studio has drawn up a second set of conceptual images Bolton Museum’s new Egyptology gallery after feedback on initial interpretations revealed in December 2016 and shared on social media (http://www.imagereportsmag.co.uk/news/7685-canny-concept-from-leach).

The new images reflect suggestions from members of the public and partners, plus more detailed consideration has been given to the museum collections and how artefacts can be best displayed. The artist’s impressions will continue to evolve as part of the design process and will be once again shared on social media.

There will also be a display in the library and museum building, in Le Mans Crescent, to give visitors the opportunity to have a closer look.

Each area will continue to depict a different stage of the visitor experience to the gallery, named Bolton’s Egypt: the Portico; Rotunda; Land & People; and Preparing To Live Forever.

In addition, there will be a section devoted to Chadwick Museum - depicted as a doll’s house set in parkland - and how Bolton came to acquire such an extensive Egyptology collection.  Also, central to the new gallery will be a full-sized recreation of the tomb of Thutmose III.

Helen Mort, creative services manager, Leach Studio, said: “It is fantastic to collaborate, create and share in the town’s passion for Egyptology. Our creative team are now looking forward to moving these concepts into reality!”

The museum is set to re-open to the public in 2018.