Sat, Sep

Sun Chemical to showcase latest developments in partner programme

Under the umbrella theme of ‘Brighter Ideas’, Sun Chemical will use Fespa 2017 to bring visitors up to speed with joint development projects between its SunJet inkjet division and OEM partners, system integrators and printhead manufacturers.

SunJet will be showcasing Aquacure, an aqueous inkjet ink that is said to combine the best of water-based and UV curing ink technology. Because it is composed of up to 80% water and has low odour properties it requires reducing hazard labelling in comparison to many other solvent and UV chemistries.

A further highlight will be Sun Chemical’s nanosilver ink, which has been designed for use with inkjet and aerosol jet systems in printed electronics.

SunJet will also be showing DIC’s proprietary Separel hollow fibre membrane technology for the degassing (removal of dissolved gasses) of inkjet ink, resulting in consistently smooth printing, reduced substrate and ink waste, shortened printer cleaning times and lower printer cleaning costs. Separel membranes reduce inkjet ink evaporation during degasification and can degasify inkjet ink at any parts per billion (ppb) level.

On display will also be the SunTronic range of materials for printed electronic applications, including smart packaging solutions, such as printed antennae, which add functionality to packaging, labels or POS collateral by allowing it to interact with a phone through NFC or RFID.

In addition, Sun Chemical will also be demonstrating its smart packaging solution Touchcode, a series of printed conductors embedded in cards, labels and packaging that interact with touchscreen enabled devices, smartphones and tablets.

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