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Alpha Bank London turns to Signbox for makeover

Signbox has delivered a major makeover at Alpha Bank in the City of London. Commissioned by Resonate Architects’ main contractor Parkeray to transform the new offices in King William Street, Signbox produced and installed graphics for a feature wall in the staff break-out area, glazing manifestations throughout the office area, and bespoke signage for six meeting rooms.
The finishes schedule provided by the client specified a particular tone of bronze and, for the feature wall in the break-out area, Signbox was able to colour match this to a 3M Di-Noc film, PA-039. Alpha Bank logos were precision cut on Signbox’s Zund S3 plotter and applied directly to a painted wall with a low-tack application tape. Glazing manifestations throughout the client meeting and general office areas totaled over 100m2 of optically clear, scratch-resistant polyester film, UV printed by Signbox on its Durst P10-160. The challenge was to provide a bronze toned graphic with a fading percentage of background white ink, giving privacy to the meeting rooms as the opacity fades out, both up and down, from 60% at the centre. Detailed prototyping established the desired effect, with Signbox working closely with the Resonate team from a very early stage in the design process. The iconic Greek style of the graphic was designed by Signbox in response to a specific brief from the architects. The graphics are visible from inside and outside the meeting rooms’ glass walls. The same graphic style employed in the meeting rooms was also applied to backlit glass either side of the reception desk. This required close collaboration with the joinery contractors and printing a white translucent backing film. Further glass manifestation work included the Alpha Bank logo applied to glass behind the reception desk with 3M Dusted Crystal film, reinforcing the bank’s brand to visitors and making a powerful first impression. Finally, Signbox also created and delivered bespoke meeting room signs, printed on matt acrylic to precisely match the colour of the door handles.

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