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Portuguese printer on the right track with HP latex printer

Portuguese printer on the right track with HP latex printer

B2R of Lisbon, Portugal, in association with Quiosque das Ideias, a company of the same group, has used its newly installed HP Designjet L65500 latex printer to produce indoor and outdoor 'eco' friendly graphics for 52 Portuguese railway stations.

"Because the Designjet L65500 uses water-based latex inks, we are able to provide graphics that are not only odourless and eco friendly, but of high print resolution suitable for both near and distant viewing. This was essential in successfully communicating important commuter information. What's more, as the prints are designed to be long lasting, they represented a great return-on-investment for the customer," said Paulo Silva, marketing director, B2R.

B2R was commissioned to produce 210 graphics for over 52 Railway stations in Portugal, covering in excess of 300m2 of media. Key to winning the project was the company's new Designjet L65500, which enabled it to produce and install environmentally friendly graphics that supported the customers' green policy.

Although only relatively recently installed, B2R has already carried out a number of other jobs that utilise the Designjet L65500's abilities. It has decorated many wind turbines with graphics, making the link between clean power and printing using non-polluting materials. Wide-format prints on vinyl for Farmacia Ascenso, a leading pharmaceutical retailer, also proved a significant job for B2R. "We experienced a business revolution when we installed the new HP printer," said Silva. "Speed, quality and printer durability are fantastic. But the most impressive benefits are the environmental improvements to our print production, and the impact this has had on customer satisfaction.



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