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Retired printers and apprentices share industry experiences

Beaverbrook House in Bletchley - the Printing Charity’s sheltered home for people who have retired from the printing industry - has hosted a joint event with the BPIF for residents and apprentices. The session, presented by Howie Blanks, the BPIF’s south-east training co-ordinator and BPIF training co-ordinator, John Campey, centred on the transformation of the printing industry over 50 years.
Residents shared their experiences of changes in the printing industry during their own working lives with apprentices in today’s print sector: Gareth McCorkell from Snap Products in Aldershot, James Burton from Optichrome in Woking, and Aaron Toombs and Jack Carter from BCQ Group Ltd in Buckingham. Neil Lovell, the Printing Charity’s CEO, said: “Our residents have a wealth of knowledge and experience and it was great to see them share this with the new apprentices, as well as gain insight into what’s happening in the sector today. The event was a terrific success and showed the power of different generations learning from each other.”

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