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HP brings versioning to wide-format

HP brings versioning to wide-format

1 February 2010 will see the introduction of a variable data print (VDP) workflow option from HP for the wide-format market. SmartStream Designer, which has been available to HP Indigo users for some time and is now being brought to HP's wide-format printer users, is part of HP's strategy to spend more time focusing on workflow tools to help printers develop a better ROI on their investment in wide-format.

SmartStream Designer is an easy-to-use plug-in (PC and Mac) for Adobe InDesign that enables you to create versioned jobs from within InDesign CS4 by adding personlised text, images and colours. It has fully automatic database merge and imposition features for HP large-format printers.

Eli Israel, strategic marketing for workflow, HP, said: "There is enormous scope for VDP in wide-format. At the moment a lot of this type of work is done manually which is time consuming and open to error. An automated VDP workflow speeds up the job and as the data comes directly from the customer database errors are reduced."

There will be three ways of getting SmartStream Designer: you will be able to download it from the HP website for a 90 day limited usage after which you will need to buy a license; you can buy an unlimited self-install version of the package along with computer-based training and business development materials; or you can buy a package that includes installation and training by HP, three days on site-ramp up plus business development. Pricing on the latter two has yet to be finalised but ballpark figures are expected to be around 1500 Euro (?1,330) and 5000 Euro (?4,440) respectively.


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