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Bang Tidy Clothing seeks large-format B2B markets with new offering

Bang Tidy Clothing has partnered with i-Sub to offer a specialist dye-sublimation print service onto large-format aluminium sheets from METal. Using a new Epson SureColour-F7200 printer and a Monti Antonio Maxi MOD200 heat press, Bang Tidy Clothing can produce aluminium panels up to up to 2.4m x 1.2m.
Nick Collinson, MD of Bang Tidy Clothing, said: "We have worked with i-Sub for many years. They told us that with the new Monti Antonio Maxi MOD200 heat press we could be a trailblazer in the UK for the METal aluminium solution. We carried out testing and were very impressed with the quality of the finished product and could immediately see that this could open whole new markets for our business. "We are primarily a business-to-consumer company and it is clear to us that while there will be some consumer interest in large-format aluminium sheets, most of the new business will be to the business sector. We are working with i-Sub to explore a range of new markets, including sign-makers, architects and interior designers. On the consumer side, we will look to work with artists who wish to work on alternative media to canvas. METal aluminium sheets have a specially developed polymer coating for dye-sublimation to produce a flat, glossy image. The aluminium is 1mm thick, and once printed can be displayed flat, curved or even folded. "It is an amazingly flexible solution. There are lots of people that can print onto small-format aluminium, but to create something digitally with the impact and presence of an 2.4m x 1.2m aluminium sheet is not something available elsewhere in the UK. We can also produce these at a hugely competitive price," said Collinson. He added: "There has been a fairly steep learning curve with the new setup because there are some differences in times and temperatures compared to textile sublimation. Removing moisture has been a key element as this can destroy a sublimated print. However, by purchasing the new Epson printer, we have been able to overcome these challenges and are now producing very high-quality output that is ready to go to market."

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