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Apogee v11 slated for October availability

Agfa’s new Apogee v11 will be available from 22 October as both an on-premise and cloud solution. It can intelligently combine print jobs and keep track of orders. Collation marks, signature barcodes and all other marks remain in place and refer to the original order.
Apogee v11 also functions as a production hub, handling specific production requirements. Orders can be processed using AutoImpose, a new function of Apogee Impose. “The automatic imposition feature in Apogee v11 is a key feature for digital print production,” said Erik Peeters, global marketing manager software solutions. “Combined with Agfa’s cloud-based automation solution, PrintSphere AutoPilot, which uses XML or JDF information to intelligently route orders to the appropriate output device, it becomes a very powerful tool to increase the overall efficiency of a printing company.” Apogee WebApproval has also been updated - PSPs can now let customers create new jobs directly, and a new ‘Guest’ function makes it easier to offer the WebApproval service to print brokers and one-time users. Users can now also preview foldouts and check the size and position of layout elements.

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