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Flag firm manager makes a stand for African charity

Flag firm manager makes a stand for African charity

Mark Allibone, printroom manager at the Hampshire Flag Company, has helped raise money and awareness for charity Gumboots thanks to his provision of pop-up graphics for what has become an annual fundraising entertainment evening.

The charity - which the Allibone extended family helps to run - works with grassroots projects in the heart of impoverished communities in South Africa providing food, shelter and education. Since Gumboots was founded in 2002 it has raised ?180,000. For the latest fundraising event Allibone produced a 2.2 x 4m pop-up stand to encourage guests to ask questions about the charity and to provide a clearer picture of its aims. ?9,000 was raised during the evening event from ticket purchases and donations.

Chrissy Dransfield, a member of Gumboots' fundraising team said: "We are delighted with the pop-up stand. It was brilliantly designed and a very contemporary and effective way of communicating what Gumboots does. We are extremely grateful to Mark and to Hampshire Flag for their time, creativity and generosity."

Hampshire Flag provides on-going support for various charities and expeditions including Action for Kids, Samaritans and for swimmer and environmentalist Lewis Pugh's on-going feats.


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