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Bamboo used for Planet display systems range

Bamboo used for Planet display systems range

Eurostand Display has launched the Planet of display systems to meet calls for more environmentally friendly options. The range, which includes roll-ups, tension banner and literature display stands, is built using only renewable sources of high quality bamboo.?Products within the Planet range are also protected with an eco-friendly lacquer coating to enhance their natural look and feel. The coating has also passed testing under the Reach regulations - the latest European Community regulation on chemicals and their safe use.

Eurostand Display's national account manager Sam Mooney, said: "There's definitely been an increase in the number of people consciously and deliberately seeking out ethical options when making their consumer choices. Properly treated bamboo is ideal for display products as it doesn't swell, shrink or mark in the manner of hardwood. It is also lightweight, durable and elegant. Plus, like all Eurostand Display's products, our Planet range comes with a five-year guarantee."

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