Thu, Jul

New customer experience appointee for SAi

SA International (SAi) has appointed Mikki Webb as director of customer experience.
The role will see Webb drive the development and delivery of customer service as well as assume responsibility for inside sales and technical support teams at the company’s Salt Lake City headquarters. Having worked in several customer service roles for the last 25 years, beginning with Southwest Airlines, Webb brings varied experience to her new position. This includes six years as senior operations manager with eBay, a post that saw her responsible for sales teams spanning three continents, as well as a similar role at Wayfair, from where she joins SAi. “SAi’s vision and innovativeness were important factors in my decision to join the company. I’m already immersing myself in the business to identify our customers’ specific requirements, and to better understand how we can continue to provide what they need today, and crucially, tomorrow,” said Webb.

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