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Colorific develops biodegradable ink for Uniform machines

Colorific develops biodegradable ink for Uniform machines

Colorific's Bio-U is now available for both the Uniform Cadet and the Uniform Grenadier. The Bio-U formula has been developed to colour match the Uniform ActivaSol/Colorific Elite formula, allowing existing colour profiles to be used.

Bio-U inks are formulated from more than 90% biodegradable ingredients which contain only food and cosmetic grade solvents. This means that they can be used safely in environments where there is no external ducting or extraction, yet still meet health and safety requirements. Depending on materials being used, these products are also compliant with many recycling schemes.

Colorific Bio-U inks, which are ISO9001 compliant, are available in CMYK plus LcLm. There are also Orange and Green alternatives for users looking to achieve Hexachromatic colour gamut.



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