Thu, Sep

Ricoh adds Ri 1000 to DTG range

Ricoh has added the Ri 1000 to its direct-to-garment printer range.   Appearing at Fespa in May, the new CMYK plus white machine is faster than the Ri 3000 it replaces, and has an enhanced resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi. Users can switch between multiple styles of platens up to 406.4mm x 508mm - anmagnetic mechanism enables the platens to easily snap on and off without the need for additional tools.   A new pre-treatment liquid means the Ri 1000’s is suitable for 100% light polyester and polycotton blends.   For maintenance tasks that aren’t automated, the device’s 7in touchscreen display provides smart alerts notifying operators when to perform manual maintenance tasks.

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