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Roland VersaWorks 6 Rip compatible with ISO PDF 2.0

The latest Harlequin Rip OEM to offer upgrades compatible with the ISO PDF 2.0 standard is Roland DG with its VersaWorks 6 Rip and print management software.
The Harlequin Rip was the first major PDF Rip for production printing to offer compatibility with the PDF 2.0 standard. Global Graphics Software launched the Harlequin Rip with PDF 2.0 support in April 2018 so that OEMs could start the integration into their next round of products early. VersaWorks 6, included with Roland DG inkjet printers and printer/cutters, supports a broad range of functions to streamline the printing process by generating print data that optimises the features of the printers, ink and media being used. “By supporting the latest PDF 2.0 capability, our users can respond quickly to the latest printing workflows, and continue providing reliable and high-quality print services,” said Tadashi Kawashima, general manager of Roland DG product development. Martin Bailey, CTO and head of product management at Global Graphics Software - and the primary UK expert to the ISO committees working on PDF, PDF/X and PDF/VT - added: “Roland DG is the latest to safeguard their users against a future PDF 2.0 file being submitted to the workflow and the workflow ignoring features that it doesn’t recognise.”

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