Thu, Sep

Sun to present new inks at Fespa Global

Sun Chemical will use Fespa Global to present a number of new inks, including Streamline APY for high-speed aqueous poster printing. Three additions to the SunTex textile inks range will also be launched - DTY, PDY and PDR.
DTY is a dye-sub inkjet ink for transfer and direct-to-textile printing and formulated for use with Kyocera printheads. It is Oeko-Tex Eco Passport certified. PDY and PDR are pigmented inkjet inks. PDY has also been formulated for use with Kyocera printheads, and PDR for use with Ricoh printheads. The inks are said to reduce the need for pre- and post-treatment. Both inks are again Oeko-Tex Eco Passport certified. At the show SunJet will launch its new brand name 'Amplio' for its digital effects range, which comprises primers, effects varnishes, gloss varnishes, foiling varnishes, lamination varnishes and adhesives for digital effects. Also under the SunJet umbrella, Sun Chemical will showcase Separel. DIC's proprietary Separel technology uses hollow fibre membrane technology for the degassing of inkjet ink, to deliver consistently smooth printing, reduced substrate and ink waste, reduced printer cleaning costs and shortened printer cleaning times.

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