Thu, Sep

Chesterman and Timson set-up new consultancy business

Frazer Chesterman and Marcus Timson have launched FM Future, a marketing consultancy designed to help inkjet and digital printing technologies enter new markets. The move follows the buy-out earlier this year by Reed Exhibitions of Mack Brooks Exhibitions, the company that owned InPrint and Pure Digital event organiser FM Brooks and founded by Chesterman and Timson.
Chesterman said of the new venture: “For the past seven years we have enjoyed launching and developing events for the industrial and digital print technology sector. Our collaboration with brands, manufacturers, inkjet innovators, we believe, helped the development of industrial inkjet both technically and commercially. We see a continuing role for us to help inkjet grow by connecting it with new markets.” Timson added: “There is no question that we are now at a key moment for industrial inkjet and digital print. Many would say that we stand poised at the edge of the chasm. All of our recent research points to the fact that the biggest barrier to success is conservative industry and we see that our role is to bridge that gap and help inkjet innovators make the leap into new markets and develop new revenue streams. Only this time we will not be launching, or running an exhibition.”

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