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If you are a winner in the new UK Graphic Awards this year, the organisers will help you get yourself noticed - and ensure potential customers understand the possibilities of wide-format print. 

Here’s why the large-format print sector should be in conversation with Chris Newton, organiser of The Surface Design Show. The 2019 event takes place this month, drawing a crowd of designers and architects. Digital print will get an airing. But it could be a much bigger focus in 2020.

So you’re a ‘solutions provider’. Really? Even if it means reducing the amount of print you do for a customer - and using other companies to deliver parts of a project if it’s better for them? Taylor Bloxham has a team that will do just that. Here’s how it expects to grow business from the approach.

Are you ready to stand up in front of an audience of creatives and deliver a charismatic presentation on what large-format digital print can do for them? If so, the organisers of Pure Digital - a new show that will run in 2018 - want to hear from you.

SMP hopes to get its capabilities in front of a bigger potential customer base by sponsoring the Champagne Bar and Big Party at the Retail Design Expo next month. Sarah Davis, head of marketing, explains the thinking behind the group’s first foray into such territory.

…or at least get into educational establishments where tomorrow’s designers can learn about the print technologies they might harness.

Do enough would-be customers know what you can print onto? If not, perhaps the Surface Design Show would be a good place come out from the gloom to enlighten them.

Could you be utilising your ‘call hold’ time to inform callers about what you can deliver? Mark Williamson, sales and marketing director at PHMG, explains how audio branding might just be worth your consideration.

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