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Care to share?

In my last newsletter I asked for your feedback on the skills and training needs of this sector, and one reply in particular caught my attention. These are the words of one PSP founder - who wishes o remain anonymous for what will become obvious reasons - but I am highlighting it because it as he says, we need to be proactive to get/retain the best talent. Here’s his take on the situation: “We have implemented a cross training programme since Covid began. Everyone must be able to work in two departments. But today I have been approached by a member of staff, advising me that they have been headhunted and offered significantly more salary. This does not mean that we will have to meet the offer, but it does mean that we will have to negotiate and present the advantages of remaining with us. This has raised the subject of opening up our EMI (Enterprise Management Initiative) scheme - the ability for employees to purchase share options within the business. This is tax efficient and allows for long-term commitment from the employees. I think we need to be thinking out the box to keep our best staff.” I love the idea. What about you?

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