Sat, Aug

Free, but easy?

Do you think the ‘Brexit Freedoms Bill’ will impact your business? The bill will make it easier to change EU-era regulations that still remain in force and ParcelHero - which is conducting an analysis of UK-EU trade issues - is flagging up concerns that this could include the first instances of British manufacturing standards separating from EU standards. In a recent press release it said: “In the future, many new products sold in the UK will need to have packaging, marketing and stamping changed to show they meet UKCA regulations, in case UK and EU regulations start to diverge. If UK and EU regulations differ, it is likely that the results of conformity assessment tests carried out by UK conformity assessment bodies will no longer be recognised in the EU. It won’t be possible to sell UKCA-passed products within the EU without reassessment by EU bodies. To add to the confusion, the Government now says that the UKCA marking alone will not be permissible for goods placed on the Northern Ireland market.” Your thoughts….

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