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Dealing In Data

In times of uncertainty it’s important to have solid research upon which to base decision making - which is exactly why, in this pre-Brexit turmoil, I’m urging you to take part in our 2018 Widthwise Survey of the UK and Ireland’s wide-format print providers. To take part go to: https://www.surveymonkey. co.uk/r/IRWW2018 Please be quick - the closing date is Friday 16 February.

Our aim is to help you run a successful business. Help us help you! This is hardly our darkest hour, but as Winston Churchill famously said: “No matter how beautiful the strategy one should occasionally look at the results.”

This is the 11th year Image Reports had polled the sector so that we can provide a data-based and truly representative analysis to help you make informed business decisions.

One of those decisions may well be to branch into textile print. It’s an area Frazer Chesterman, co-founder of upcoming Pure Digital pinpoints in the Talking Point interview ahead of the inaugural show in April. And following Heimtextil we have a report on the latest technical developments in this issue.

Perhaps sticking with the technology you know best is more your focus, in which instance you may well find it worth reading the solvent printer manufacturer Q+A.

It’s not all about investing in the right hardware of course. Want to become an efficient, lights-out operation? Find out HERE (HYPERLINK NEEDED) Meanwhile, Top Tips helps you prepare for the new General Data Protection Regulation, Zeitgeist flags up the possibility of tax relief for R&D development, and Innovators looks at why you should consider supporting undergrad training.

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