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Let me lead you…

… to a blog that isn’t my own, but from Vincenzo Cirimele, CEO of online print company PressUp in Italy. He asks: “Is there an emotional component to online printing?” and sets out why and how he is responding to in-house research into the question. I reckon it will make interesting reading for any of you with a W2P operation.
The continuous growth of e-commerce offers interesting opportunities for those who operate in the web-to-print world. "We are in a favorable situation from an economic and cultural perspective for those who, like us, offer online professional services, but we need to remember that the growing popularity of online shopping is not the only requirement for successful growth. The market is filling up with competitors and the battle cannot be won only with promotions and low-cost offers", says Vincenzo Cirimele - CEO of PrressUp, a leading online printing company in Italy. This is also the premise for the announcement of PressUP’s new strategy for the next three years: "We intend to achieve the growth objectives that we have set for ourselves by providing holistic solution based on the client-oriented philosophy that distinguishes our business focus", explains Cirimele. "The fusion of the traditional online product catalogs implies a simpler offer, in order to grow we need to differentiate ourselves from the rest". Selling online implies an impersonality in the relationship with the customer but PressUP overcomes it in a prominent way thanks to the unique customer service they offer through their Customer Care and the special management of requests that go beyond what is offered in the catalog. 2019 is announced as a key year for PressUP, with innovations throughout its entire production chain: from the use of the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, to using new technologies for new products and the innovative strategy of holistic communication oriented to engagement. "If professionals and intermediaries such as advertisers and graphics agencies historically represent an important part of our customers, we are strongly aware that the expectations of the online printing service in Italy are very high", explains Cirimele. "The real challenge today is not to understand the value of the service, but to make it known to a broad mixed of client". Therefore, it is the choice to aim for a multichannel communication strategy that associates media such as radio and television with its natural environment - the network. And yet, expansion of the range and above all continuous improvement of the service underlying the differentiation. "We are conducting surveys on customers and prospects and the perceived strengthens our belief in the humanization of service. Online purchase has already entered our daily life, there are no conceptual barriers, only consolidated habits that can be overcome thanks to knowledge: more speed, more efficiency, more convenience, more time to dedicate to your own business", explains Cirimele. From the survey conducted by PressUP, therefore, the framework of a user is inclined to buy products and services online, with a strong need to feel attended, guided, advised by expert and reassuring voices. This is the reason why in the center of the PressUP.it e-shop there is a consultative Customer Care with people able of transferring competence and tranquility. "When we reserve a vacation, for example, there are many variables involved in the choice: surely the price must be consistent with our budget, but there are other reasons that are more related to the emotional sphere. We want to be sure we can enjoy our free precious time on the best way possible, even if it costs a little more." An analogy that could hide the key to a profitable online business. "The price is clearly important, but also, quality, security, peace of mind and reliability. All those are important elements". It is precisely the excellence, in all phases of the purchasing process, which makes the experience satisfactory. "To Caress the emotional sphere by selling online products that can be considered commodity is surely an ambitious goal, but we are sure it is achievable and can make a difference, especially when targeting B2B customers who are not professional in the graphic area but have the need to use printed material. They look for reliable partners and we are ready to print brochures, catalogs, posters, postcards and souvenir cups from a perfect holiday", says Cirimele.

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