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It’s Women in Print week in New Zealand – a little known fact that got me wondering about the dearth of women at managerial level in the UK’s large-format print sector. Or, perhaps I’m mistaken and I’ve just not met many. Where are you…let me know!

Do you welcome new recruits that have nose piercings and tattoos? Maybe you should if you want to get your hands on the new generation of leadership talent. A Ritz-Carlton chief has been telling Dscoop how hard is was for this very conservative company, with its legacy of strict dress standards and working hours etc. to remain current and relevant, but that understanding millennials helped them attract and retain these important future leaders.

What are you willing to do to attract the best talent? I ask because a new report from Santander shows that only 8% of 15-16 year olds consider apprenticeships a viable alternative to university - largely due to salary expectations. Those opting for university expect to earn £113,000 a year, compared to £46,000 for those undertaking an apprenticeship.

The latest BAPC newsletter highlights a problem that’s worth passing on. The government has issued an update to its guidance on how to recognise genuine HMRC contact following telephone scams. Those scams highlighted by the HMRC are as follows:

Printers risk losing business by playing generic music to customers put on hold by their telephone system according to audio branding specialist PHMG. OK, so such a company would say that, but that doesn’t mean there’s no substance to the claim. Perhaps it’s time to think about using that ‘dead’ time to better branding effect. Just saying …

Our annual Widthwise Surveys over the years have highlighted the fact that environmental issues have been on and off PSPs agendas like ….. Those those of you with retail clients at least, will know the environment is very much back in focus, and the SDEA used Stylo’s stand at the 100% Design show to hammer home the point – introducing a new ‘green tool’ that it believes will “bring more business to its members by being a cost effective method for suppliers to evaluate the key contributors to sustainability”. Time to put the environment back top of your agenda?

Are you reading this on a mobile device at 100% Design? Or perhaps you’re just catching your breath from a trip to Decorex International earlier in the week. If either of those apply please let me know – I’d very much like to talk to you in relation to our Think Bigger campaign – an initiative to get large-format print possibilities in front of a wider creative audience.

So, HP is hoping to reinvent the office copier sector via its $1bn acquisition of Samsung. And with its newly announced ‘UVgel’ printing technology Canon is pledging revolutionary products for the large-format roll-to-roll market. In the latest issue of Image Reports, Duncan Ferguson - in his new role as executive director, professional printing and robotics - talked about the company’s development into areas like video projection and sensing technologies (http://www.imagereportsmag.co.uk/features/business/7380-duncan-ferguson-executive-director-professional-printing-and-robotics-epson). The upcoming October issue of the mag carries an interview with Durst CEO Christoph Gamper who outlines that company’s strategy to continue its own reinvention by providing new “visual experiences.” What impact, if any, do you think all this refocusing will have on the LF print sector?

New research from the Cass Business School, the University of Warwick and the University of Wisconsin shows that women ask for wage rises just as often as men, but men are 25% more likely to get a raise when they ask. What’s your take on that? 

That is certainly a question many PSPs are asking themselves these days, as the technology’s potential for extending promotional graphics services hits home. Here we see what amazing things US company Carisma has been achieving with its 3D printer, and in the new issue of Image Reports Simon Olley, MD of Stylographics outlines the company’s strategy for investing in the Massivit 1800 system. Is a 3D printer on your wish list – let me know.

I’m looking for pictures of unusual large-format inkjet printed jobs for the Think Bigger gallery of work. So if you have something that fits the bill, please pop it over to me – with a few lines just outlining the project.

Thanks in anticipation.

The latest report from Santander reveals that only 8% of 15-16 year olds consider apprenticeships a viable alternative to university - largely due to salary expectations. Those opting for university expect to earn £113,000 a year, compared to £46,000 for those undertaking an apprenticeship. The report goes on to say that in reality this is not the case - and points out that many small companies now receive tax benefits if they hire an apprentice and the national living wage is applicable to apprenticeship roles “so they can truly receive a healthy salary”. I consider £46,000 a year pretty healthy myself! Perhaps I’m just out of touch. What’s your take on apprentice/graduate recruitment and salary expectations?

It’s good to see Xaar shortlisted for The Manufacturer MX Awards (TMMX Awards) in the people and skills category. But I was wondering if any of you had nominated your own operations for the Smart Factory category at those awards. If you think you are smart let me know – I’d love to come and see ‘Industry 4.0’ in action. Meanwhile, you might want to have a look at a new website recently launched by the publisher of Image Reports. Smart Cities World is edited by former Image Reports editor Melony Rocque and can be found at: https://smartcitiesworld.net

It’s sad but unfortunately true that The Printing Charity is little recognised these days, though it’s been helping people associated with printing, packaging and publishing since 1827. Via its Print Futures Awards it continues to provide training funding, and still gives retirees the chance to live in its sheltered accommodation at Beaverbrook House in Bletchley or Southwood Court in Basildon. Perhaps we can all help in promoting the charity to those around us, if not attend its Annual Luncheon on 3 November.