Tue, Apr

Cloud computing

Cloud computing - what am I supposed to do about that then? Having spent a fair whack of time online over the Christmas holidays, trying to find out a bit more about how this ‘trend’ is likely to impact upon business in general, and trying and get some sort of insight into what I should be doing about it, I’m more bamboozled than I was before. And I’m no technophobe – we use some of the most leading edge printers and software applications around - but it’s a case of where to start when it comes to investigating how cloud computing should be used in my business.

During the course of last year I became increasingly aware that this was something I needed to take seriously, as various emails started landing in my inbox trying to sway me towards this or that service. It seems to make sense, as a relatively small company, that we effectively buy-in certain IT expertise and services – it sounds like it would not only save us money but a prevent a few headaches as well.

We’ve been thinking about buying a starter level management information system for some time now, and it would seem that with cloud computing now growing so rapidly, that it might make sense to wait and see how this will impact on product development before I put my hand in my pocket. It’s something that I’ll hope to learn a lot more about at some of the trade shows this year – perhaps someone will even deliver a seminar on the topic?

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