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Solvent or Fat Free for 2015?

As I write, it’s the first few days of 2015 and I’m desperately trying to kick-start myself into the New Year. It’s funny, I was full of enthusiasm a few days ago but yesterday the thought of having to set the alarm clock seemed to suck the life out of me! By lunchtime on my first day back my brain was already full to bursting and I had a long list of ‘To-Do’s’ written down. I think it’s going to be an action packed 2015!!

Within just 24 hours I managed to miss out on a potential project that would have given the year a really big lift off. One moment the client had an unlimited budget, the next it’s a story of “We are going to hold off for now as we have so many other things going on at the moment”. A familiar story that I’m sure you’ve all heard before!

Five emails later and suddenly the next few weeks are already maxed out, with two nice size jobs to complete before the weekend and a great project for next week already in the bag.

Behind the scenes I now have a marketing team in place to ensure we keep promoting our business to the right people, a whole new business launch in progress and we are also moving headlong into Web-to-print and automation solutions that will make sure we keep up with the Joneses in our industry.

Gone are the days of just installing a printer in a room and having a team of pre-press guys crunching files and pressing ‘print’. As I’ve mentioned before, the next few years is going to be about automating, connecting and streamlining processes. Added value through Cloud based services, asset management and logistics are just some of the areas that we need to be thinking about if we are to ensure our businesses are to stay fighting fit and healthy during 2015.

Instead of a fat or sugar free diet in 2015, ours needs to be solvent and chemical free and definitely environmentally friendly!
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