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Bemoaning Cloudy days

It’s happened! For the first time I have been stopped in my tracks with the loss of an internet connection. No Wifi, No 4G. Not even 3G!

Where am I, you ask? Nottingham is the answer, deep in Robin Hood country. It’s like he has robbed me of my ability to live a normal life!

As a regular visitor to Cornwall, the Mole loves the ability to get away from everyday life, to switch off and to de-stress. I love the fact that my children have to turn off their iPads and we all spend time as a family.

On this occasion though, stealing just a few days from work, the need to keep in touch is sadly necessary.

Which takes me onto the issue that I have. As I look out across a field of cows with calves in tow I look up at the sky and there isn’t a cloud in sight. And that’s the problem.

As a technology led business, we have embraced ‘The Cloud’ and all it has to offer. The ability to access information, to collaborate and for everyone, even my clients, to work from the latest information is fantastic. Our accounts, our CRM, project management and work scheduling is all cloud based. But, the moment you take away the ability to access the internet you’re stuffed!

One day technology will enable us to access to the internet wherever and whenever, I’m sure of that. But for now I’m going to have to accept the downtime and probably, in hindsight, appreciate and embrace it.

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