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That a global mix of print company chiefs recently met and discussed industry topics at Callprint brings to mind the messaging that strategic innovation guru Frans Johansson – he that authored the ‘The Medici Effect’ - delivered in his keynote presentation at the Drupa Cube recently. The key takeaway - find intersections where you can create new ideas. Sounds a bit woolly, but he was really telling PSPs to get out, network and brainstorm. Simples! (More will be revealed in the July issue of Image Reports…)

Is your flatbed printer running to its full capability? I don’t just mean full capacity, but rather are you getting the ROI you think you could? If you think you are yet to get the optimum return on your investment I’d be interested to hear what you think needs to change for that to happen.

Oh heck, so Euro 2016 has started. I’ve got to admit, the only thing that catches my attention during the televised games is how large-format inkjet print is being used in and around the arenas – sad isn’t it! Let me know if your company is involved and send a pic if you can…

It’s two weeks until we vote on Brexit, so have you decided which way to vote? I asked BPIF CEO Charles Jarrold for the federation’s take on which way would be best for the print sector as a whole, and was told the membership was being canvassed for opinion. Perhaps we’ll get a statement soon, but do you feel strongly one way or another?

What do you think of Screen’s new Trust Service Desk? It sounds fab in that is should speed up service, if not actually prevent kit breakdown, but PSPs I’ve spoken to in the past about this kind of development have been somewhat wary of what they see as ‘Big Brother’ information gathering. What’s your take?

…you should be! I’m talking Drupa of course. Yet again, this show is proving to be a melting pot of ideas and a fab place to let the imagination run riot. People outside the industry would be astounded at the ‘possibilities of print’. And there’s the rub – how does today’s fast paced, eclectic industry manage to unite as one to more effectively educate the wider world about the myriad possibilities it offers?

Given that it’s a Bank Holiday on Monday this is the last newsletter I’ll send out before I get to Drupa. If I don’t see you there, drop me a line on your return to let me know if anything in particular caught your eye.

How do you decide on which print products to invest in? Do you talk directly to the manufacturer, distributor, reseller? Do you attend open houses? Do you feel your questions, concerns and development comments are taken seriously? A lot of questions I know, but I’m trying to get a rounded picture of where the supply chain could be strengthened and better serve the PSP.

A group of people known as 111 Collectiff has formed Creatiff – a networking/support membership club where those from all sorts of media related sectors can mingle. Once a very myopic industry, print it seems is recognising the benefits of better interaction, so it will be interesting to see what you make of this – let me know!

The latest BPIF ‘Printing Outlook’ survey might indicate that the industry as a whole had a wobbly start to the year in terms of output levels, but if investment is anything to go by that’s no reflection on the state of play in the wide-format inkjet sector. Perhaps the players in other areas of print should take lessons from this one, which continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with print.

Yipee – it’s here! The Widthwise Report 2016 has been printed and is also now online. If you are a registered reader of Image Reports you will already have received what is the ninth annual report on the state of the UK and Ireland’s large-format digital inkjet print sector. Otherwise you can download it at: http://www.imagereportsmag.co.uk/widthwise

A bit of sun and I’ve come over all summery – and thinking I’d quite like a few days in one of the campervans Iconic Signs is wrapping with 70s retro designs for holiday company WeDubYou. If you’re working on ‘holiday’ themed projects give me a shout – I’d like to show some of the more unusual projects in the next issue of Image Reports. Meanwhile, keep you eyes peeled for Widthwise, which should be landing on your doormat right about now (or you can download it at: www.imagereportsmag.co.uk/widthwise) – it flags up wide-format trends, including those niche sectors bringing in business.

Well, I’ve lost the power of speech! You’ve got to give it to Pixartprinting – it knows how to push boundaries. It’s ‘installation’ called 'Pleasure Will Steal Your Soul' to mark Design Week in Milan might just leave you gasping for breath. Imagine what an impact we’d make if we could integrate large-format digital print in more creations of this ilk?

Summer’s nearly here - honestly! And you know what that means - al fresco dining. And what better way to make an impact than with something along the lines of the new inkjet printable digidécor creatable tablecovers from Papergraphics. You have the kit and consumables – now it just needs you to get the bespoke product to market…

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