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Be Widthwise

At the risk of channelling Richard Wilson’s TV persona Victor Meldrew, the phrase “I don’t believe it” springs to mind when I consider that the Widthwise Report accompanying this issue of Image Reports is the tenth in the series - yes, it’s a decade since we embarked on the annual project to garner grassroots data on the state of the UK and Ireland’s wide-format digital print market and provide you with a sector and geographically specific report.

This year 243 print service providers took the time to respond to the Widthwise Survey - so a huge thank you to those of you that took part. Hopefully you’ll feel it was worthwhile when you read the data analysis provided in the newly published report - that so many of you repeat the exercise every year suggests you do! If you don’t receive a hard copy of the report with this magazine, you can download a PDF free at: http://www.imagereportsmag.co.uk/ widthwise. You’ll find a précis of the poll findings in this issue. And, if you missed the panel debate at Fespa 2017 on the key findings of the Widthwise survey you can catch-up - well, sort of - in my special report in this issue too.

For those of you that didn’t make it to Hamburg, regular contributor Richard Stuart-Turner makes sure you’re kept in the know in terms of Fespa 2017 launches and development trends with his show review, while Martin Bailey at Global Graphics brings you up to speed on PDF 2.0. Happy reading