Wed, Jun

The latest bundle of press releases indicates that education and training are back on the agenda after taking a something of a blow in a rocky economy. All the more reason to do more with what you have of course, so any way of enhancing your teams knowledge and skill should be welcome. But what about becoming an educator yourself and spending time (if not actual money) working with schools, colleges etc. to promote careers in print? If you already do, please drop me a line.

A cloud doesn’t always signify rain! Indeed, a little ray of sunshine is more likely to be associated with the new Optimus Cloud system for integrated online trading. Now I’m not in any way advocating that you stop talking to your customers, but if you’re looking for a hands-off, hassle-free way of dealing with some of them, this could be the kind of development you’ve been waiting for. I daresay we’ll see more of products of this ilk as the year progresses.

Yes, we’re going to see pre-show information coming through thick and fast (one hopes!) now that we’re into the New Year, what with Fespa Digital just a few weeks away and Sign and Digital UK and Drupa close on its heels. But with three trade shows in close succession, which will you be attending? And how much weight do you give to the various show seminar/education programmes now of offer? What entices you to one event over another?