2021 Widthwise Round Table

Welcome to the 2021 Widthwise round table discussion on the state of the large format print sector here in the UK. Lesley Simpson talks to some of the industry’s chief players for their grassroots take on how the sector is meeting the demands of what is a ‘great reset’ - and to consider the challenges and opportunities ahead.

00:00 Welcome to the 2021 Widthwise round table discussion

3:28 How have things been for your business?

8:15 What do you see now as the key challenges (for your business - and the sector as a whole)?

13:10 What’s your chief focus?

18:40 To what extend are you diversifying?

29:08 Around one in ten of those polled said acquisition and merger was a priority for 2021/22. We’ve seen relatively few so far. What do you think about the changing shape of the WF sector over the next couple of years?

34:40 We hear constantly about the opportunities in vertical markets such as interior décor, textiles, and various ‘industrial printing’ applications, but according to our data UK-based PSPs in this sector are hardly falling over themselves to invest in them. What’s your take on that?

39:59 We are also often reminded that this sector needs to embrace W2P more rapidly than our data suggests. What are your feelings about W2P right now?

47:56 Investment in new technology in general is pretty flat. Are you spending, and if so where and why?

55:55 With all the net zero pledges now being made publicly, the environment has become a crucial focus. Where does this sector need to focus its attention to become a greener part of the whole value chain?

1:03:40 How optimistic, or not, are you now about your own business – and for the large-format print sector in the UK?

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