Sun, Nov

Christopher Watson, content director, Printing-Expo.online, argues that going forward, a combination of live shows and carefully selected virtual events running in parallel, or in some cases instead of live events, is almost certainly the way ahead.

Shaun Holdom, global product manager at Drytac. Talks about how the holiday season has, and always will be, a hugely important time of the year for print, graphics and sign companies, with the festive season providing a whole range of opportunities for work and business growth. 

Matt Manteit, international sales manager at Neschen Coating, outlines how to ensure you are investing in the right laminator, highlighting the most important factors to consider.

Vincent Lin, vice president, Taya Group, looks at why relying on recycling banner materials isn’t good enough and why we need to focus more on moving away from our massive consumption of the planet’s resources. 

Pete Sammon, technical specialist, inkjet and large format print at Ricoh UK, says complex technology requires clear terminology, and this is certainly true of colour calibration, which, despite having been around for hundreds of years, still requires some explanation to demonstrate its full benefits.

“Rather than pitching the type or brand of media, you should instead help your customers see what can be created using your products. Doing this allows the customer to see the opportunities they can access and provides them with food for thought when it comes to developing innovative graphics,” says Peter Bourgeois, territory sales manager at Drytac, who in this blog focuses on application selling.

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