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Wilbert Van Der Lans, senior brand and communication strategist at Make Sense - and participant in the first HP Coffee Talk event - discusses the motivations behind moving towards a more planet-friendly future.

Phil McMullin, Sales Manager, ProGraphics, Epson (UK) says resin ink is putting its stamp on the print production sector thanks to its ability to meet demand for quality, productivity, reliability, stable colour performance and environmentally friendly output.

Antalis’ Head of Business Development for Packaging, John Garner, explores the issues facing packaging and logistics operations and shares his insight and experience on how to keep your business on track during peak 2021.

Over the last few months, Antalis Packaging has been making preparations to help its customers minimise the impact of the tax. Here, Antalis’ Packaging Technologist Manager, Jason Poxon, explores what the new tax might mean for businesses and shares some of the steps to take to ensure you’re not caught out.

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