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There’s a lot of talk about the CRO role, but is it really just a new fangled way of labelling the head of sales? For some it is, but done properly it isn’t. Charlotte Graham-Cumming, CEO of marketing strategy and business development company Ice Blue Sky, outlines how to get it right.

Many a print company has changed their business over the last couple of years. Do you want to transform yours? If you don’t, you probably should, given a warning of large scale disruption of your customer-base. Here’s some advice you may want to consider…

How truly diverse, equal and inclusive is your company? There has been more talk about this issue in the past five years than in the previous 50 but the latest edition of the Inclusion Index, by analytics group Kantar, suggests that in employees’ eyes, companies have made little progress since 2019, before the pandemic. Luckily, there are things companies can do to improve their performance.

If you’re still operating your print company after all the last couple of years have thrown at us you may think you’ve learned all the lessons there are to learn about running a competitive business. But could these nuggets of advice from Colin Sinclair McDermott, creator of The Print Growth Academy and perhaps better known as The Online Print Coach, help you do better?

‘The manager’s indecision is final.’ We’ve all worked with people who that joke has been aimed at. But it’s better to be indecisive and right than to be decisive and wrong. That sounds obvious yet it’s astonishing how often businesses rush to judgement - and come to regret it. HERE WE  examine how you can make better decisions.

Workplace racism has been on the rise for some time now. Tina Chandler, head of employment law at Wright Hassall outlines the legal technicalities of managing racism at work, and how it should be combatted should it ever occur.  

Decisions are the lifeblood of a business, which makes it all the more remarkable that we make so many of them in a disjointed, ad hoc and impulsive fashion. The good news, as American billionaire Warren Buffett likes to point out, is that you only have to get a few of them right, as long as you don’t get too many of them wrong. This guidance might help you improve your success rate.

Many employees want to continue a more flexible approach to their work, having become accustomed over the last year or so. Here, law firm Wright Hassall offers advice for businesses experiencing an influx of such requests.

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