What lies ahead for large-format print companies in 2020? We brought together five company chiefs to discuss doing business today and in the coming decade. 

What’s eating wide-format print chiefs, and where is business and the sector heading? We brought together five clued-up MDs to the annual Image Reports Round Table discussion to get their insight. Here’s what they had to say….

Is this sector still a money-spinner? That was one of the key questions put to the bosses of seven large-format PSPs brought together for Image Reports’ annual Widthwise Round Table. Here’s what they had to say.

This winter, Image Reports brought together five PSPs with very different backgrounds and strategies to discuss the state of the wide-format industry, as revealed in our Widthwise Report, and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead in 2016

This summer Image Reports brought together four PSPs and four creatives to discuss how best to exploit the opportunities offered by large-format digital print. The upshot is the following message to market…

As the UK and global economies show signs of a sustainable recovery, wide-format PSP chiefs came together to debate this very question at the 2014 Widthwise round table. 

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