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The new edition of Think Bigger is ready to download. With exclusive interviews and creative inspiration, now is the time to open your eyes to big, beautiful print.


Wide-format print has a myriad of possibilities from bespoke surfboards to printed furniture. Despite the enormous scope for creative development, not everyone in the design community is aware of the potential, and it can be difficult for printers to communicate the message.


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The Image Reports Think Bigger campaign aims to stimulate a dialogue with creatives about how wide-format print can be harnessed as an innovative medium within mainstream communications projects, and for less well-established — indeed absolutely new — areas of design. 

The report includes in-depth interviews with brands, agencies, well-known designers, design students, vertical market trade bodies and more. It will look at how they work, how they perceive print — wide-format in particular – and highlight how communication between them and the print sector needs to evolve to benefit both sides.

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If you would like to submit your inspiring wide-format print project for inclusion in the Think Bigger Gallery, contact the Editor, Lesley Simpson, lesley.simpson@imagereportsmag.co.uk.