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Making a list

There are almost as many theories about how to run a company as there are companies. These theories go in and out of fashion so often because management is actually incredibly situation specific. A stroke of genius in one context can be a strategic blunder in another. That’s why many business leaders don’t read tomes on management theory, they devour biographies (often of Napoleon), newspapers (Warren Buffett still reads the Wall Street Journal from cover to cover everyday) and ask questions.

Sometimes, the best way to become more efficient is to look at practice not theory. American author Scott Berkun (http://scottberkun.com ) says, “My favourite trick when overwhelmed is to make a list. They do so many good things for our psychology, memory and camaraderie. Sit down, shut up and start writing.” One useful list could be a run-down of the values and core beliefs you and your company represent.

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