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Sustainable POS in retailing

What can the ‘green’ initiatives instigated major retailers say about the way you’re going to have to operate to continue to win their print business? By Steve Lister, business development director, Robert Horne.

Green route to revenue

How the substrate suppliers are helping you develop new applications and find new paths to profit.

Waste is a waste!

Reduce your waste and improve your margins. Vision in Print director Richard Gray explains how you can make significant savings.

What lies ahead

Forewarned is forearmed, which is why environmental consultant Clare Taylor updates you on the energy and waste control changes planned for this spring.

PVC: waste no-one wants

As more customers demand that printers take back their used graphics, the issue of how to responsibly dispose of PVC is becoming a real headache. So should the consumables suppliers be doing more to help you?

Take it back

How HP is boosting the green credentials of its latex printers with the European expansion of its Large-Format Media Take-Back scheme.

Inflexible friends

Sophie Matthews-Paul looks at how environmental issues are shaping the rigid print media offering.

Follow the leader

A year after announcing its Environmental Vision 2050, Epson is actively pursuing sustainable development. But is its call for other manufacturers to follow suit being heard?

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