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Nessan Cleary reports on the technical trends and developments related to superwide inkjet printers.

There’s wide-format and then there’s superwide - but it can be hard to define exactly what a superwide printer should be. Obviously these are going to be wider printers, but how wide? 

Things are happening that will push through the barriers wide-format has with VDP adoption. Nessan Cleary explains.

Variable data is one of the great promises of digital printing, making it possible to vary parts of a job across a complete run. We’ve all seen examples of variable data printing because it’s a core technology in transactional printing on things like our bank statements. 

Your customers want print with a ‘wow’ factor? You can give it to them. John Charnock, director of Print Research International, looks at the special effects you can now incorporate.

‘Special effects’ is such a generic term that it could cover almost any type of print beyond four-colour output. But for the sake of this article let’s take a look at three key areas of development: effects with inks, with substrate and with software - or indeed the combination of any of the three.

When it comes to investment there’s a temptation to think mainly in terms of hardware, but it's the software that can really make the difference.

Software is often seen as a bolt-on extra like a printer driver or a Rip, or else as a solution to a particular problem, such as colour management or adding cutting lines to a design. But if we look at some recent announcements we can see a number of new trends emerging that suggest a different approach to organising a wide-format business.

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