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The Government has fast-tracked an EU directive that, from 2012, sees payment of invoices standardised at 30 days in the public sector and 60 days in the private sector. But will it help? The Forum of Private Business is sceptical.

Years ago everyone knew of the Young Master Printers, even if they weren’t one themselves. But then it became a forgotten group. Now the YMP has been rebranded as the PPM - Professionals in Print and Media. Will you join?

If you’re not, you should be. As more print customers seek out suppliers that fit with their increasingly stringent environmental requirements, just offering recyclable products isn’t going to cut it. Here’s what HP environmental programme manager Stephen Goddard has to say on the issue.

David Nicholas, managing director of Birmingham-based large-format print specialist Fosco Hayes and Hurdley asks the question after going through the accreditation process. It has significantly improved his business. So what about yours?

Long, long distance learning . . .

Mark Fuller, managing director of Tay-Cad in the Shetland Islands, is lobbying for signmaking apprenticeships in Scotland. Do you also think there needs to be more strategic and financial help for companies ‘up north’ looking for new blood?

Time to go with the soft option?

Is textile printing finally going to take off within the large-format inkjet print sector in the UK? Derric Landor explains why he thinks the long anticipated trend will finally become a reality.

Do we have an identity crisis?

Is print a manufacturing or a service industry? And does it matter which it is?
If we find it difficult to ‘brand’ ourselves how can we expect the outside world to understand what we’re about?

HAVING deep impact

Forward thinking graphics companies continue to seek out new markets and products to grow. Duncan Jefferies, marketing manager for Mimaki’s exclusive UK and Ireland distributor Hybrid Services, gives his take on developments and highlights companies that have done just this.

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