Thu, Sep

Digital Sign Services takes second 5.2m wide EFI Vutek 5r+

Guildford-based Digital Sign Services has bought its second 5.2m wide EFI Vutek 5r+ LED roll-to-roll printer within six months.
"Thanks to the success of the first Vutek 5r+ and EFI's help and support with bedding in the new machine, we are purchasing our second 5r+ and having it installed this summer," said managing director Tom Weaver.   Digital Sign Services - a trade printer, specialising in large-format printing for retail signage, windows and point of sale - bought its first Vutek printer a few years after it was founded in 2001 and added a second in 2005 to keep pace with a growing workload. Of the company’s new 5r+ machines Weaver said: "With the 5r+ we have the reliability of the LEDs in a less power-hungry machine that also doesn't have mercury lamps damaging the environment or anything else." He added: Signs printed with the company's current Vutek 5r+ show "the perfect colour during the day, then, at night with the lights on, just the logo is visible with a colour density that looks the same as by day." Weaver also anticipates opportunities created with the printers' ability to handle five-layer printing.

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