Sat, Aug

Adverset gets stand named after it at SAFC

Adverset has announced a three-year sponsorship of Scarborough Athletic FC, with the PSP’s branding having been installed across the entire 75m-wide fascia of the new Adverset Stand in time for the first game of the season on 17 August. Prior to the game, the stand will be formally opened by Mayor Hazel Lynskey.
Adverset sales and marketing manager Steve Atkinson said: “This will raise the profile of Adverset to a new level in the surrounding area and hopefully give match day punters a good insight into exactly what services we offer through our hard hitting branding that we are displaying across the full width of the new stand” He added: "We have a lot of exciting ideas of other products and services we can offer to benefit both ourselves and SAFC in the coming weeks/months and years. We look forward to supporting the club over the next few years and achieving results both on and off the pitch.” Boro chairman Trevor Bull said: "It is great to have another hugely successful business and a local company as a partner. It was a pleasure to meet up with the team at Adverset and we look forward to having a company that shares our ambitions on board.”

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