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Eurostand brings DL Plus range to market

Eurostand brings DL Plus roll-ups to market

A range of interconnecting roll-ups has been launched by Eurostand Display. At the heart of the DL Plus system are freestanding roll-up displays with an image size of 2000mm high x 850mm wide, but it's a new connecting system that links them together that makes this an interesting solution.

Each roll-up unit uses a silver anodised graphic cassette with levelling screws, chrome or coloured end caps, and has a three-piece bungee pole with discreet moulded top. The connecting system means the base cassettes and graphic hanging profile can be easily linked to make a virtually continuous panorama.

?"We have been developing this design for nearly a year," said Eurostand Display national account manager Sam Mooney. "There is no limit to the number of DL Plus roll-ups that can be joined. The system is enormously adaptable and flexible." The system will be show at Sign and Digital UK in April.



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