Fri, May

One Q Technologies brings out app for HP Workpath Ecosystem

Danish software company One Q Technologies has developed a secure cloud printing app for the new HP Workpath platform.
Martin Engdal, CEO at One Q Technologies, said of the app - now available for download from the HP Command Center - “This is a totally new way to deliver secure workflows for cloud printing. The One Q App for HP Workpath enables channel partners to wrap up our app as a service and move secure print expenditure from a CAPEX to an OPEX, which aligns more closely with the preferences of end users. It really opens up the market for secure print solutions in the SMB segment. But there is also major appeal for solutions partners themselves. Now, because our app dramatically slashes fleet deployment time, costs are significantly reduced. With shorter sales lead times and pay-as-you-go licensing delivering a steady, monthly revenue stream, the app will enhance partners’ profitability too. Our app will have a significant positive financial impact for partners, while at the same time be providing a real business benefits for the customers.” Key aspects of the new One Q Apps include: - Easily deployed across hundreds of devices in minutes from a single console. - Comes with a range of configurable security options designed to protect information, including SSL/TLS encryption, proximity card user authentication, user accounting, audit trails and more. - Offers a very simple, intuitive user interface that enables users to monitor and manage usage and costs, delivering reductions in print costs for paper, ink and power and leading to more eco-friendly printing. - 100% cloud-based SaaS delivery for secure cloud printing workflows. - Pay-as-you-go licensing. - Works seamlessly across the HP Workpath ecosystem, integrating with other apps via a single sign-on. - Easy integration with One Q software on any non-HP printers within the fleet. The app will be available with 60 days of free trial for HP partners and 90 days of free trial for end customers.

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